DOCSIS Device Compatibility and Capability

photo This site provides a list of all currently approved cable modems and EMTA devices. Use this site to ensure your device is compatible with the service level that you subscribe to. For additional information on End of Life (EOL) devices, please review the EOL FAQs.

Comcast strongly recommends customers only purchase devices that include a warranty and/or return policy. Cable modems and eMTAs operate with firmware/software and could make the device defective and inoperable if compromised in any way.

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Showing IPv6 Home Gateways. CLICK HERE to view Comcast tested Cable Modems.

Home Gateway Devices

Comcast recommends the devices listed below for with our IPv6 enabled broadband services. While other devices may also be compatible we strongly recommend the use of devices we have tested. This will help to ensure you have a consistent broadband experience throughout the IPv6 transition.

It is important that you pay close attention to the notes that pertain to each of the listed devices. We will document important information and recommendations for each in this area.

For more information about Comcast's IPv6 transition planning please visit our IPv6 Information Center:

VendorModelFirmwareVendor LinkUser GuideNotes
D-LinkDIR 6552.03NA  
D-LinkDIR 8252.06NA  
D-LinkDIR 827v1.04  
D-LinkDIR 657V1.01  
AppleAirport Extreme Gen4 (Model A1354)7.5.2 or better  
AppleAirport Extreme Gen5 (Model A1408)7.6.3  
AppleAirport Extreme Gen6 (Model A1521)7.7.2  
ASUSRT-N66U Dark Knight3.  
Open SourceTomato USBShibby or Toastman modshttp://tomatousb.orgPDF